Owned and operate by the Kirkland family since 1867, the Woolly Egg Ranch is a historic, working and sustainable farm located on Tennessee Valley Road in Mill Valley. The family maintains an environmentally friendly chicken coop, produces biodiesel and raises sheep for meat and wool. For further inquiry about the farm, call Woolly Egg Ranch during regular business hours. Why Buy Local? On average, American farmers receive less than twenty cents per dollar for their products. The majority of your food dollar goes to middlemen, such as food brokers, distributors, and retailers. By comparison, when you purchase locally produced food, a much higher return per dollar goes to the farmer. In the case of farmers' markets for example, the farmer receives 100% of each dollar you spend. In addition, when you spend money in your community, it gets spent an average of seven more times inside the community before it's finally spent outside. So, when you buy locally grown produce, you're not only supporting your local farmer, you're also supporting the entire local economy. Woolly Egg Ranch, 503 Tennessee Valley Rd, Mill Valley, CA