The Woolly Egg Ranch---Rooster Policy

Due to the increase in Chicken popularity we have set up this guideline. We understand everyone wants chickens. We highly agree with this idea. However, a basic fact that comes from nature is that there will be a birth ratio of 1:1 in most animals. A lot of people buy straight run birds, which means they are going to get roosters as well as hens. A lot of Cities will not let you have rooster, so what to do with them??
The Woolly Egg Ranch will accept Rooster under the following conditions: •There will be a $15 re-homing fee for each bird. This equals one bag of food for their care while we figure out where he is going.
•If the rooster was purchased here as a hen, then we will give a credit for a new hen and take the rooster back.
•If the bird was purchased as a "straight run" bird, then the fee applies. Please remember a lot of breeds are sold as straight run only. Silkies, Polish, and other exotics can not be sexed as chicks or pullets. Also bantams are difficult to sex before they change their coloring.
•After the Rooster is dropped off, it becomes the property of the Woolly Egg Ranch. We will choose were it will be re homed or how it is cared for. We may also resell the Rooster. Please make sure of your decisions.
A few basic facts: •Roosters are all very pretty, that is what they do.
•Roosters bond with people better than hens do.
•Unfortunately, the ratio of Rooster to hens in a normal flock is about 1:20; so there are lots of extra roosters.
•Yes we do know a lot of breeders who have roosters, but they are "picky" about their breeding stock, so they may not want to keep other roosters.
•Some of the Ranches have predator issues; remember roosters will try and "protect" their girls. A nice Free Range life may be somewhat short.
•Some of the Ranches (including ours) have meat birds and routinely rotate older stock out as chicken dinner. This is especially true if the rooster does not measure up to breed specific standards.
Our Policy: •We will try and find the best long term home for your Rooster. All the animals at the Woolly Egg are treated as humanely as possible, even the teenage boys. They all get feed and housed safely.
•We can not guarantee anything about the new homes or owners, but we do our best.
•Please remember that we had over 600 birds come through the Woolly Egg last year and that number will double this year, so do not be offended if we have no idea of were your rooster eventually found a home.

Ken and Judith The Woolly Egg Ranch