• All the chickens available at the Woolly Egg Ranch are sold as is. We will point out any defect in a bird's condition before the sale. We will tell you as much about a bird's history as we know, about its health, but please remember a lot of birds come through, so we can't know them all.

     We do not guarantee a bird's linage or gender unless specifically stated. The "breed" or "sex" of any bird is determined by sight and what was purchased from the hatchberies. We understand that "mistakes" are sometimes made at a variety levels. Sometimes the hatchery mixes different breeds of chicks in the same batch, sometimes a boy gets through on a "sexed" run, sometimes a straight run is 90% boys. We will try to re-home unwanted birds, or trade for different birds, but no refunds can be made. Please inspect your birds. This is especially true for bantams and/or silkies,

    We also can not "guarantee" a bird's health after it leaves the Ranch. Once a bird leaves the Ranch it is exposed to all sorts of conditions that may or may not be good for it. Your flock may have a "bug" which they are all immune to but the "new" guys don't have any resistance to. I do not know what your coop is like, if the food and water is sufficient for your flock. Cats, dogs, and little kids can be the death of a chicken in a matter of seconds with no traces. I will not be able to give refunds for death or disease after the birds leave here.

    Choose your birds carefully and let them "settle" in at their new home slowly. Do not let your birds' free range until after they know where home is!!!! Any time a "new" member joins a flock there will be a period of readjusting of the pecking order. This may only take a day, but most times about a week. Lots of cackling, pecking, and chasing around will follow. This is natural, just keep an eye out for any blood signs, this can be serious. The new members should be separated, but seen by the old flock. They can be introduced into the main flock at night, when activity is low. The laying of the flock may also be effected and the new comers will probably take a little while to get started. Again this is normal.

    We recommend getting a "book" on chickens. Even a basic guide goes a long way to answering many questions that arise when you start raising chickens. Check out Feathersite.Com and Shagbarkbantams.Com for some good articles and ideas about chickens. Look in the Yellow pages to find your nearest "Avian" vet, call them and ask about their experience with chickens; having the number before you need it is priceless.

    Always watch your chickens; you will come to see what is normal for them. Early detection of problems is the best way to head off trouble. Have a "quite" place ready for any stressed or sick birds. Stress is a major factor in chicken sickness.

    Hopefully you will be happy with your purchase, and get lots of eggs and chicks for many years to come.

    Thank You,
     Ken and Judith at the Woolly Egg Ranch