Take a tour of a working ranch in Spring time. A lot happens in the Spring: water collection for the long dry summer, harvesting the winter crops, and planting the spring greens and summer vegetables. Caring for the young fruit trees and of course spring lambs in the field. The Woolly Egg Ranch is the only working farm in Mill Valley, with a variety of livestock, fruits and vegetables, and solar power. See how your "grandparents did it," back in the day when everyone had a little piece of land.

 We'll tour the Ranch, see a water catchment system, discuss how to make a small garden produce and ambundance of fresh food, and of course Spring lambs. See the little ones when they are small and still very cute. The Woolly Egg also has solar power for its electricity and biofuels for the cars. Remember, it will be muddy in the field, so please bring boots and dress warmly. For reservations, call  415-388-3051  or please contact the TCSD for reservations or register on line at www.tcsd.us. Park at the Tam Valley Community Center and we will take a very short hike (less than 4 minutes) to the Ranch.

(Tamalpais Community Services District News January 2011 edition.)