The Woolly Egg Ranch Price List for March 2015

    Home grown, hand made and naturally raised food for better taste and better health.  Remember everything is made in small batches, so quantities are limited.


Free Range eggs…….Mini’s $5, Regular $6, and Large $7 Jumbos $8.50, and super Jumbos $10 a dozen.  Duck eggs $10 a dozen


Jams and Preserves:  Straw, Blue, Black, Raspberry, Plum, and several mixes

Tiny (4 oz)                   $5                    Small (8 oz)                 $9

Tallies (12 oz)………$12                    Jumbos (Pints)………$16

Seasonal items:

Fruit---Apples and Pears, quinces, Plums      $3/lb

Blackberries (you can pick them for your tastes) $2.5/basket

Fresh Produce ---Lettuce, Chard, Cabbage, Mustard and Greens $5/baggie

Egg plant, beets, tomatoes, squash, peppers, and others available on request

Herbs:  Have some nice dried mint for tea, sage and rosemary for seasoning. We also have some fresh ready to cut herbs for salads and cooking.

Herb infuse Red Wine Vinegar: Cabernet-$7/bottle       Port-$8/bottle   


-Our lamb is raised right here.  They eat only what grows naturally, hay, grains, and grass no “additives” of any kind.  They also eat apples, plums, garden cuttings and corn husks as treats.  If you have extra “green can” material, bring it on by, they love a “mixed” diet.

-Our pigs are housed in Petaluma.  We are not really zoned for pigs in Sausalito.  They are raised in a large fenced area.  They eat a variety of natural products in addition to their regular fed.  Brewers grains, whey, bread, eggs, and lots of grass and garden cuttings.  We tend to slaughter them “younger and small” than normal hogs.

-Our inventory of “cuts” changes very quickly.  If you want something special, please just ask.  We can also supply “soup” bones, livers and organs, and other speciality items.

-Buds Custom Meats in Penngrove does our “smoking” and sausage processing for us.  We make a variety of sausages, hams, bacon, and such.


The Woolly Egg Ranch also has the following Non Edible items for sale.